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Superior Pet Grooming Services

Let Us Groom Your Furry Friend to Perfection

Grooming your cat or dog is important for its appearance as well as its health. You need to give this responsibility to a caring professional. For all your pet grooming requirements, rely on Palm Harbor Pet Grooming.

The prices of our services are based on the size, temperament, and coat length of your dog or cat. It also changes based on the type of cut you choose for your pet.

Comprehensive Pet Grooming Services

  • Bathing
  • Drying
  • Clipping
  • Toenail trimming
  • Toenail filing
Palm Harbor Pet Grooming will bring to you and your dog or cat a level of quality, knowledge, service and products not found at most grooming salon's.

Our full grooming service offers:

Two thorough baths, one cleansing and one conditioning unique to your dog’s coat and skin needs. Including as well, a complimentary aroma therapy blueberry or sugar scrub facial which is tearless and aids in odor prevention as well assisting in tear stain removal.

Thirty years of pet grooming and dog show experience lends to a unique ability to choose and recommend what products will best suit your furkid's individual needs.

There is no one size fits all here at this salon

The large selection of specialized, super premium shampoo’s and conditioners include degreasing, hydrating, exfoliating, soothing oatmeal and aloe, enzymatic coat whitening, breed specific drop coat products, light and regular conditioners, specialized medication shampoo’s for uniquely addressing allergy and skin issues such as Keto-hexiderm, Chlorhexidem, Miconazole, Praxomine, enzymiatic holistic remedies, Betadine scrub, as well as Hypo-allergenic, soap free, scent free, cruelty free options. Complete ear flushes will also clear out those stinky chronic ear issues allowing for proper administration of ear medications. And in tub anal expression is also performed as needed.

Our shampoo brands come from exclusive companies we dare say our competition has never heard of.

Most companies who’s products were developed by industry leaders and professional dog show handlers, not major corporations. Companies such as Pure Paws who’s business model relies on all natural, pet safe, PH balanced products, current scientific knowledge, and an attention to specific breeds and coat TYPE care. Products that will continue to assist your skin and coat needs long after the grooming. Most shampoos are included with your service. Some specific needs can be additional if requiring extended soak times. 

Quadruped, who bases their wonderfully smelling products on Yucca:

These shampoos enable all natural protein based coat building as well as easy removal of undercoat without subjecting your dog to needless over-brushing. Botanical Royal Yucca premium shampoo is designed with the use of the botanicals to enhance coats, condition skin and leave even the dirtiest pets squeaky clean.

Medicated shampoos from Davis veterinary products:

An industry leader in affordable options your veterinarian sells you for three times the price. Lisa Leady true hypoallergenic. Free of every additive that causes your unique allergy situation issues after his groom. Lisa Leady, a multi-award winning decade long true professional in the pet styling industry. Show Season’s quality cleansing products that offer odor removal and clean fresh scents. And of course we will use your own shampoos brought in specialized cases of personal preference.

We have NO CAGE DRYERS here at our salon.

ALL pets are hand dried with room temperature velocity dryers and hand finished and fluffed on the tables with a soothing low temp stand dryer. In the unique case of your elderly or sensitive pet not liking the dryer, we will of course ease their drying needs with thorough hand towelling and room temperature air flow in an open air crate and finishing on a low noise, low pressure fluff dry. Or for those “difficult” kitties or short harsh coats, air drying, or air flow drying is used to prevent stress and worry. We have every pet’s interest as our main concern. We do not operate as an assembly line.

With that in mind, we offer weekday service based on an approximate two hour in and out time frame as possible.

Weekends tend to be busier and will take a while longer as the working crowd is not available to come in during the week.

Continuing with our full grooms also included is nail trimming AND dremeling (filing)

To provide a smooth edge so as not to scratch up your wood floors, furniture or skin. Ears are plucked carefully of hair when needed or we will advise that it is not or should not be when there is a harm in doing so. And also cleaned with witch hazel versus alcohol which can be irritating in some cases. We take pride in informing you of your individual’s needs. Again, not a one size fits all solution.

Your trims will be as requested and our consultation will help in that decision hopefully to make your loved one to look his best or to help your busy schedule.

It’s your decision. We can make her look like a show dog with a beautiful scissored bred standard trim, or an easy to take care short trim or even a fluffy in between style. We take pride in our ability to “correctively groom” as well to help put things in proportion as well. Your round heads will be round. Your terrier heads will look like terriers. Your long coats and drop coats will look dog show ready and fabulous. Your Poodles will look like a Westminster winner. No more jagged haircuts or dogs that don’t smell clean. No more incomplete sanitarys or partially shaved pads. No more hair dropping in eyes two days later. We are a complete salon and proud of our artistic abilities and hope you will be too!


We may also groom cats!
Whether you need a primp and spa day, or that built up undercoat or mat removed, or a little freshening down under. We begin by trimming any nails for the safety of both of us! Kitties are bathed once in a general cleansing shampoo with a blueberry facial as well. Lion Trims are performed when requested with sufficient notice. Usually we take cats in the afternoons or weekends.


Services other than full grooms.

Bath’s and Bath’s and Tidy’s

We offer thorough bath’s which include a tidy of the face, nails trimmed and dremeled, ears cleaned, sanitary, pads and paws as well. Prices vary depending on length of coat and condition.

Dog Grooming
Give us a call at 727-786-8290 to learn more about the prices on our bathing, drying, clipping services, and more!
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