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  Behind Outback Steakhouse | Located in Palm Harbor, FL 727-786-8290
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Experienced Pet Grooming Services

Looking for an experienced and caring professional to groom your dog or cat? Get quality pet grooming services for your furry friend at Palm Harbor Pet Grooming. Let us pamper your pet and make sure it looks its best!

We provide grooming services, such as bathing, drying, clipping, toenail trimming, filing, haircuts, and more. Take a look at some of the testimonials below.

Check Out Our Testimonials

"Wonderful groomer and knows his breeds and proper cuts well! Highly recommend."
- Nicole Jacobs

"Greg, does an incredible job on my poodles! They look like show dogs when he's done! And he's so sweet to them too! A true professional and a great job every time!"
- Tiffany Hillis

"When my doggie needs a grooming
I know just who I need
So it's off to Palm Harbor with the greatest of speed
They'll wash him and groom him they do it so well
Then when I go to get him I'm sure he'll look swell."
- Maryellen Nealy

"They don't come any nicer or more generous than Greg Chayet. He does my ancient Poodle and our young Powderpuff Chinese Crested and they both come home so beautiful! And they love their "Uncle Greg" too!! That tells me he is gentle and loving when they are groomed!"
- Pamela Martin Lunn

"Does a really great job, both dogs and cats always leave looking fabulous!"
- Beth Cannon

"I love taking my dog here and I wouldn't take her anywhere else. If you want exceptional service with groomers who care and actually know what they are doing, come here!"
- Meg Tipton

"I absolutely love Palm Harbor Pet Grooming. They have been in business for 20 yrs now and everyone there is extremely knowledgeable and caring to the animals that come into their doors. They treat them like their own. The owner Greg has been showing and grooming dogs for 30 + years, not only is he knowledgeable but he knows how to work on all kinds of temperament issues. With time, care and patience he can actually turn dogs around from being difficult to actually standing on the table like angels. I have seen him use the towel method and when in use that means the dog can be unpredictable on the table. As far as to say strangulation, the towel is only in place to hold a dog still while having a procedure done that it does not like (usually their nails). While witnessing this method never have I seen a dog being strangled. Also this method is used for the safety of the people working on the pet. I have also witnessed dogs sink their teeth into someone doing a nail job. Apparently your Akita is not use to having the nails done. Nails on all dogs should be done once a month so the pet will get used to it. Therefore getting conditioned to the process. Also Akita's like Chows can be very unpredictable. Akitas are Japanese fighting dogs, correct ?! They could actually take down a bear if they had to. So my point is your dog looks absolutely fine in the pictures. I WOULD TRUST ANYONE WITH MY DOG OR CAT AT PALM HARBOR PET GROOMING. I WOULDN'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE....."
- Kathie Abare

"Greg groomed our dogs for over twenty years, always pleased and the dogs loved to see him. Highly recommend his services, you will always be pleased! We have lost our lovies now and don't plan to get more due to our age and living on fixed income, but if we did, Greg would be our guy."
- Brenda Umlor

"Jessica takes awesome care of my baby, Abby. We have been going there over 3 years and I trust her immensely."
-Tracy Brash

"I can't even tell you how relieved I am to have met Greg and how wonderful he was with my difficult dog! He was patient yet firm, encouraging and meticulous. I highly
recommend him to everyone!"
- Carlene Stenson

"Referred a wonderful client with 3 dogs to Palm Harbor Pet Grooming. Because not only do I care about them, I know the skill and trust are there for them."
- Judi Yester

"I've been using them since they opened.
I moved North Carolina in 2012 and I still come to Palm harbor pet grooming every 2 months because there the best. My cocker spaniel Max loves it there.
Couldn't find a Groomer in Nc that new what they were doing.
Great job guys."
- Jerry Camilleri

"I have been taking my poodle there for about 7 years and just love their professional details and great work. The also educate me on skin issues too. They are very knowledgeable and share their experience. I highly recommend this salon to all."
- Lane Cocca

"Greg and his staff are excellent to my little girl make her feel like one of the family. I recommend my friends and family to have the dog or cat groomed by them. Always professional job."
- Joe Merlino

"Our furry family friend Ella has a blast at Palm Harbor pet grooming! When most dogs want to run away from getting their nails done and a bath, she can't wait to get there. The staff and the pricing are amazing! I wouldn't take her anyplace else!"
- Jody Thompson

"I have been bringing my cocker spaniel Missy to Palm Harbor Pet Grooming for the past 8 years. They have always done a wonderful job working with her. Palm Harbor Pet Grooming is priceless. Thank you so much for taking good care of my Missy. Will not go anywhere else."
- Charlene Talaia

"My boys have been groomed by Greg and his staff for 9 years and I couldn't be happier with the cuts and the great customer service we have always received.....if your fur babies aren't being cared for at PHPG they are missing out."
- Elaine Smigielski

"I would never go anyplace else than palm harbor pet grooming. I took my Pomeranians Nikki and Mr T there for many years and have always been very satisfied with the care they received there. Greg and his staff are the best! I would never go anywhere else."
- Susan Greenwald Glavin

"We have a long haired cat that gets hairballs and matted clumps. She is miserable in the Florida heat. We get her groomed about every four months and although she doesn't like the process, she is much more active and healthy with the results. We had to shop around to find a groomer that would treat her gently and with the dignity that a cat deserves. Palm Harbor Grooming is the best! She looks beautiful when she is done. She won't stand still for just anyone, but Greg has the magic touch."
- BJ Reynolds
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